Storm Damage Restorations and Repairs


R. Davis Construction

Storm Damage

For a lot of homeowners, storm damage is something they have not experienced before. What should I do now and who should I contact are likely questions. If you believe you have sustained damage that needs immediate attention, call a reputable contractor such as R Davis Construction to come out and perform any necessary emergency repairs. You should then call your 800 claims number for your insurance carrier – Not your agent as some folks may think. Your carrier will provide you with a claim number and get you in the queue to have a licensed insurance adjuster come out to assess the damages.

It is also a good idea to have your contractor present at the initial inspection so the scope of the repairs can be agreed upon upfront to streamline the claims process as best possible.

Once you receive the initial estimate from your insurance carrier which is typically a week or so after the initial inspection, call your contractor to stop by and go over things. Looking at a detailed insurance estimate may not be the easiest thing to follow if you have not seen one before. We are happy to explain all the details to you line by line so you understand exactly what it all entails and feel comfortable moving forward with the repairs. We will get each repair scheduled in sequence typically starting with the roof which we can most times schedule within the week once everything is set to move forward. Your R Davis Representative will keep you informed of scheduling every step of the way and will also stop out to look in on things when the work is being performed. Your complete satisfaction is our #1 goal, period.